About us

Established in 2015, Stealth London is like a brand laboratory that conducts research and design with passion and boundless curiosity. Sourcing materials from every corner of the world and continuously experimenting with new manufacturing techniques, Our Company’s core philosophy – Functional,Trendy,Bold & most importantly Fashionable.

Stealth London’s archive remains a source of inspiration for the design of its current collections. Ongoing research into military uniforms and work suits continues to be applied to the development of sportswear and clothing for urban environments.

A constant research into production processes. Traditional fabrics and designs are re-interpreted using innovative fibres and sophisticated technologies, making each piece more dynamic and exclusively individual. Once produced, every item is checked for quality & finishing.

The experimentation never ends, resulting in collections that overstep the boundaries of fashion and stimulate reflection, sometimes with deliberate provocation. In a day and age where clothing is seen as a form of personal identity and expression, exhibiting Function and Use has become symbolic of individuality, and Stealth London believes that those core philosophies are as relevant today as they ever have been.

We hope you enjoy our products & sincerely wish for you to be part of our growing family.
#They don’t see!

Twitter: @StealthLondon