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They dont see..

They dont see..


We live in a world in which it is impossible to tell the real from the false. The constant smoke and mirrors tactics used by those in power, those in whom we are supposed to put our trust, only adds to the disorder.

The TV generation has become a group of media dopes, intravenously force-fed falsehoods and blindly believing everything they see and hear. This constant drip-feed of false news means we have become a people confused, a people who cannot tell who is telling the truth, no matter what way we turn.

We have lost the ability to read between the lines. We have lost the capacity to decode the subliminal messages force-fed to us on a daily basis, and have become too busy to bother trying. We have reached an age in which everything is taken on face value. The real has taken a back seat, and the unreal has now taken centre stage.

We see corruption no matter where we turn our heads, but we are told “this is not corruption, it is just how we live now”. We are manipulated and controlled by the messages we see every day. Information pumping out of media institutions through devices we don’t even own; even though we think we do.

It is time to fight back…

Think about it. If it is so easy for the elite to pull the wool over our eyes, then it will be just as easy to pull the wool over theirs. We need to take a stand, and STEALTH will arm you with the right attire to do just that.

Our innovative clothing line encompasses your values. Not the values of the elite. We want you to be ready to join us in rising up against everything that is wrong in our world, to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and take our world back from those who have stolen it from us.

Our clothing range features hidden messages. We have subverted the idea of the subliminal by turning it back against the power-hungry megalomaniacs who rule our daily lives. The panels on our clothing are the vessels through which we can display encoded messages. You’ll know when you see it, but THEY DON’T SEE.

All of our garments are handmade, meaning we can place messages in them that the elite won’t understand. We embody an innovative, functional style – our clothing offers the wearer a superior performance standard, coupled with an experimental appearance that will set the wearer apart from the rest; from those who blindly follow the powerful and the rich like lambs to the slaughter.

Now, more than ever, it is time to rise up. We must rebel. We must revolutionise the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act. We can escape the clutches of the power-hungry by turning their own tactics back on them. You can run, you can fight, or you can hide. Just make sure that THEY DON’T SEE.

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